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"Real Estate is cyclical. To make money in a good cycle takes a little luck. To make money consistently over 40 years in many cycles takes patience, focus, integrity and hard work.

Simply put, that's what we do."

Interurban Companies was founded in 1978. We are committed to continually enhancing our reputation by offering our Partners a special kind of professionalism that delivers superior returns, sophisticated expertise, and profitable results.

We affirm our dedication to being the best in the business.
Managing Partners
Ernie Jablonski

Ernie Jablonski - Senior Vice President

Ernie was born in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Indiana State University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Ernie joined Interurban Companies in 1983 and was promoted to Vice President in 1985. His duies include private equity and asset management.

Ernie's outside interests center around his wife and daughter, Katie. He also enjoys fishing, camping, tennis and his volunteer work.
Interurban Director of Operations

Tammy Mills

Tammy Mills

Tammy has been with Interurban Companies since 1997. As an administrative professional, Tammy is key to the day to day operations of Interurban. Tammy lives in Parker with her two sons. She enjoys all outdoor activities especially swimming, water skiing and snowmobiling. She loves to watch her boys play sports. Tammy's excellent customer service and attention to detail are second to none. She is a great addition to our team.